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W 74H10 N 10 ns 10 mW J. The arrow indicates that the falling edge el the clock pulse is used lor 74ls174h. The clear input and the load input are active low. Four 74lls174n decoding gates are used to complete the address for reading a word. As loading is synchronous, setting up a low level at the load input disables the counter and causes the outputs to agree with the data inputs alter the next clock pulse.

Cards should be punched according to the data card format shown. When either one, or both, of the strobe inputs is raised to a high logic level the outputs are forced into the high-impedance state.

74LS174N Datasheet

W 85L63 N 54S J. Load is synchronous with the Dot Rate Clock. The outputs then present a high impedance and neither load nor drive the bus lines. For pulse widths greater than ns, tyy can be approximated as t. When this condition exists, data at the D input is transferred to the latch output. With dahasheet outputs open. Synchronous operation is provided by having all flip- flops clocked simultaneously so that the outputs change coincident with each other when so instructed by the count- enable inputs and internal gating.

On-chip line counter and parallel-in-serial-out shift register reduce package pin-out. A clear input has been provided which, when taken datasheeet a high level, forces all outputs to the low level; independent of the count and load inputs. Shifted characters can be generated by the on-chip subtractor. Datashwet like I said if its a dip thats a pretty good find if you decide your not into it maybe we can work something out after I pa-ruse the data sheet. W N 54L J. Low-to-high transitions at the clear input of the A and A are also permissible regardless of the logic levels on the clock, enable, or load inputs.


When a high logic level is datasbeet to the strobe, the outputs are latched. SO through S3 and M are at 4.


Clocking is accomplished through a 2-input NOR gate, permitting one input to be used as a clock-inhibit function! In the one-of-eight decoding or demultiplexing mode, the addressed output will follow the state of the D input with all other inputs in the low state. Got one to sell?

A critical component is any component of a life suppo tl which, a are intended for surgical implant into the body, or vice or system whose failure to perform can be reason b support or sustain life, and whose failure to perform, expected to cause the failure of the life support devii: W 74LS N ,75 J. Not more than one output should be shorted at a time, and duration of short circuit should not exceed one second. In effect, the BCD digits are shifted one position. In most cases existing systems 4-Bit Parallel Access Shift Registers can be upgraded merely by using this Schottky-clamped shift register.

Input dahasheet other than those shown produce highs at outputs Yl through Y5. When the word select input is high and the registers are clocked, the contents of register 1 is transferred shifted to register 2, etc. The device allows data transmission from the A bus to the B bus or from the B bus to the A bus depending upon the logic level at the direction control DIR input. BTW, only the eproms can be erased, and the cpu chip sounds like basic is preprogrammed in the chip. The DM has 12 bits with serial capability and expandability.


Please provide a valid price range. Serial data is entered at input D. The 74ls17n generator has the following characteristics: Featuring mV of hysteresis at each low current PNP data line input, they provide improved noise rejection and high 74lx174n outputs, and can be used to drive terminated lines down to SI. Here is the list sorted by category.

Retriggering may be inhibited by datasyeet connecting the Q output to an active high input, or the Q output to an active low input. Not more than one output should be shorted at a lime, and duration ot dayasheet circuit should not exceed one second. Figure 1 indicates connections for 2 dividers or a maximum frequency division of This permits the S to be substituted for the in existing designs to produce an identical function, even if S’s are mixed with existing ‘s.

IcCH is measured with all outputs open, inputs P3 and G3 at 4. Eleotrolytics with high inverse leakage currents can be used.

74LSN datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

I am wondering if there is anyone that can go through the list and make some suggestions as to what I could make with any of them.

W 74LS55 N 43 ns 1. Information present at a data D input is transferred to the Q dafasheet when the enable G is high, and the Q output will follow the data input as long as the enable remains high. When the strobe input is high, both outputs are in a high- impedance state in which both the upper and lower transitors of each totem-pole output are off, and the output neither drives nor loads the bus significantly.

All inputs at 4.