Buy Analogue input module,IE8 mA IE8. Browse our Mfr. Part No. IE8; Brand Allen Bradley I/O,module,Flex User Manual. Legislation. (Cat. No. IE8 Series B). 4. 1. 3. 2. 5. 6. 7. Module Installation. This module mounts on a terminal base unit. 1. the module. Installation Instructions. User manual • Read online or download PDF • Rockwell Automation IE4XOE2,IE8,OE4,D FLEX I/O ANALOG MODULE User.

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Rockwell Automation

Not used Power Up bit – included in series B modules only. Mapping Data for the Analog Modules.

Bit 00 corresponds to input 0, bit 01 corresponds to input 1, bit 02 corresponds to input 2, and bit 03 corresponds to input 3.

Remove the cover plug if used in the male connector of the unit to which you are connecting this terminal base unit. Configure select bits C for individual channels – Bit 08 corresponds to input channel 0, bit 09 11 corresponds to input channel 1, bit 10 12 corresponds to input channel 2, bit 11 13 corresponds to input channel 3, bit 12 14 corresponds to output channel 0, and bit 13 15 corresponds to output channel 1.

We assume that you know how to do this in this manual. PLC 3 Programming Block transfer instructions with the PLC-3 processor use one binary file in a data table section for module location and other related data.


Refer to Appendix B for more information.

Summary of Changes This publication contains new and revised information 17994-ie8 included in the previous version. For example, the following binary number is equal to decimal Check to make sure that the 16 pins in the male connector on the adjacent device are straight and in line so that the mating female connector on this terminal base unit will mate correctly.

Use this conductor category information for planning conductor routing as described in publication 4. At present, these consist of: These programs show you how to: In this manual, we show: Then it initiates a block transfer write to configure the module and send data 1794-id8.

Then it initiates a block transfer write to configure the module and send data val ues. Scaled Data degrees N The locking tab D will snap into position and lock the terminal base to the DIN rail.

To complement a number means to change it to a negative number.

The configuration register can be cleared by either a reset, or by the user writing all zeroes to it. The manual helps you install, program and troubleshoot your modules.

IE8 & OE4 User Manual_百度文库

Marketing Communications, Allen Bradley Co. The block transfer data file stores data that you want transferred to your module when programming a block transfer write or from your module when programming a block transfer read. Block transfer programming manaul moves configuration words from the processor data table to module memory.


Module produces either 2V or 4mA, dependent upon the range selected, until module is configured.

Rockwell Automation 1794-IE4XOE2,1794-IE8,1794-OE4,D17946.5.2 FLEX I/O ANALOG MODULE User Manual

Engineering and Field Services. A different block transfer control file is required for every module. They include logic processors, power and motion control devices, operator interfaces, sensors and a variety of software. A removable label provides space for writing individual designations per your application. Purpose of this Manual. Do not daisy chain power or ground from an analog terminal base unit to any ac or dc discrete module terminal base unit. Refer to Range Bit Selections.

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Channel 4 analog data sign bit. The module is seated when the latching mechanism 7 is locked into the module. You manial reduce the input words to 8 by not using the underrange settings set in word 9. Change Bars The areas in this manual which are different from previous editions are marked with change bars as shown to the right of this paragraph to indicate the addition of new or revised information.

For this example, N Chapter Summary In this chapter, you learned how to program your programmable controller. Mapping Data into the Image Table.